What others say about me?

"Sele is passionate about writing code and solving clients’ problems through the development of creative and innovative software. He has tremendous potential that can be utilised by any company. Sele is vocal about his software ideas, but respects his superiors and enthusiastically tackles every assignment as he is directed. He is friendly, easy to get along with, well-liked by our clients and respected by his co-workers. He is able to thoroughly focus on every project and is not easily distracted. He comprehends instructions quickly and is flexible when changes have to be made in the original plan. Sele is a skilful communicator both written and verbal and works extremely well with our clients."

"Sele is dedicated to providing quality work. He checks and rechecks his software before turning it in for presentation to the client. He strives to make his programs as user friendly as possible understanding that not everyone is an expert programmer. He is detail oriented. Sele’s energy is limitless and his enthusiasm serves to motivate everyone on his team. He is greatly missed at CalAirtime but we know he will succeed wherever he goes. I am confident that he can meet any challenge you place before him, and I believe you would be exceedingly pleased with his work should you choose to hire him."

- Lekhobola Tsoeunyane
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer
CalAirtime (Pty) Ltd, Maseru, Lesotho
Email: lekhobola@gmail.com

"I have known Sele since 2007; he worked as Information Technology Trainee from July 2007 till May 2008 and Computer Support Technician from June 2008 to January 2009 @ the Department of Information and Communication Technology. Sele has excelled in both roles and maintained one of the highest levels of productivity for assisting the Department in achieving its goals and objectives. Having made it easy for other employees and Lesotho citizens to get ICT services has minimized the digital divide on both citizens and employees."

"Mr. Sele possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. His upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables him to interact effectively with other employees. One of the most significant challenges that Lesotho faces is the use of ICT services in rural areas. Sele has addressed this challenge by helping the Department with the project of Tele-centres in some Rural Post Offices in Lesotho designed to improve the level of ICT use in remote areas."

"Mr. Sele takes initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of his job. All the intangibles that lead to success in the workplace are in order with Sele. I volunteered to write this letter for Sele because I am very grateful for his contributions to the support and dedication he has offered to the Department and I am very confident that he has the intelligence, work ethic and communications skills to add value wherever he works."

- Khiba Masiu
Director ICT
Department of Information and Communication Technology, Maseru, Lesotho
Email: khiba.masiu@gov.ls

"It is my honour that I introduce Sele Mthimkhulu, an outstanding graduate leader of the University of Cape Town. Through continued collaboration I have worked closely with Sele in the professional capacity of Senior coordinator for Academic Support for Residences. From this stance an account of Sele’s leadership qualities and competencies are described.Sele has always demonstrated commitment, leadership, and professionalism in his active role as a Sub - warden for both Academic Development and Wellness. Sele has shown considerable flare in his ability to organize and coordinate academic support at both a residence level and role modeling presence at an inter-residence level, serving as a highly effective ambassador, host, and liaison. To date, Sele has served in a consultative, leadership and communication role and has un-reserving dedicated himself to the growth and multiple stakeholder collaboration required for the effective roll out of residence life programs."

"During his leadership term in office, Sele has been extremely proactive in collaboratively leading a process with his house committee and sub - warden team to bring about the first team building workshop to his leadership peers. Additionally Sele assisted in channeling academic support towards a study skills workshop and essay writing workshop to Liesbeeck Gardens Students, as well as remaining committed and going out of his way to actively promote and advertise all residence life programs (Faculty Residence Tutors Program & Careers Service Boot Camp) as visibly as possible in his residence."

"Through consistent efforts, ability to work effectively in a team, and professional approach, a great level of the success of the increased academic presence and support in Liesbeeck gardens can be attributed to Sele’s ability to systematically respond to the needs of students in an informed, transformative and professional way.One such recent example is in Sele’s ability to arrange for a new study space in Liesbeeck Gardens, which serves as a very important resource for other students."

"Beyond the residence context, I’ve observed that Sele has played a strong leadership role to promote integration and inclusivity at UCT through synergizing several southern African cultural societies at UCT in an inter-cultural event. This leadership milestone enabled three cultural societies to share in a social and sporting day in an atmosphere and environment of integration and inclusivity. It can be said that these themes run through Sele’s approach in the way in which he is present at every single academic and wellness event held in and for Liesbeeck Gardens; as well as his immense capacity to hold two portfolios – Wellness and Academics simultaneously and serve both of these with high levels of dedication."

"Sele is an outstanding, integral, committed insectionidual with a strong level of dedication and understanding which he channels towards student development and well-being. He takes a considerable amount of dedicated effort to effectively channel his multiple leadership capacities to the needs and well – being of others, and is always accessible and approachable. Based on this I do not hesitate to provide support for and recommend Sele as a very promising candidate."

- Sean Paul Abrahams
Senior Coordinator: Residence Academic Development
University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa