Sele Mthimkhulu

I am IT Engineer, Software / Web Developer & Web Enthusiast

About Me

I am Sele Mthimkhulu, User Interface Designer, Software/Web Developer and Web Enthusiast. I have a demonstrated ability to perform sufficiently, consistently and repeatedly the whole range of functions associated with software and web development and created incredible results that improve the web presence of a business. I am adept at implementing and maintaining complex and high performance software/web systems. Passionate about my work and endeavors to perform duties to exceed expectations. Committed team player, self-motivated with the ability to communicate at all levels and thrives under pressure.

The world of the web is a fast–paced and constantly evolving environment. Whether it’s the technology used behind–the–scenes, or the aesthetics viewed up front, a truly great designer must not just stay up–to–date, but forge to the front to be a leader. That’s what my end goal has always been. I want to create final products that don’t just look and interact incredibly well, but also satisfy the true needs of the project...Read more

Technical Skills